Connection Recovery Support Group is a free, 90-minute support group for adults living with a mental health condition. Meeting several times a month, connection recovery aims to combat the isolation and anxiety accompanying mental illness. These groups strive to create respectful, compassionate, and understanding environments that lead to meaningful conversations, where members share their struggles and successes. Members can find support and empathetic discussions that offer insight into others’ coping strategies, problems, concerns, and paths to recovery. Connection Recovery is entirely confidential, and you never have to share more than you want to.

NAMI does not recommend or endorse any medications or other medical therapies during the groups and instead offers a casual, relaxed, and flexible approach without an educational format. Our facilitators have been where you are- each group is led by individuals going through recovery. They understand your struggles and offer support, encouragement, and connection without judgment. Everyone is a valued participant, and we welcome you to join and share.  NAMI Pinellas offers several Connection Recovery Support Groups to fit your needs.  Click below to learn more about our support groups and sign up to join us!

Adult Connection Recovery Support Group
LGBTQI+ Connection Recovery Support Group
Veteran Connection Recovery Support Group
Youth & Young Adult Connection Recovery Support Group

Questions?  Or want to learn more?  Contact Destini Gill, Program Manager or call 727-826-0807.