Frontline professionals face many challenges in their day-to-day work life. From the pressure of making sure people get the help and care they need to working long shifts — health care and public safety are stressful fields of work.

When you encounter chronic stress, trauma and the negative effects of shiftwork as a part of your daily work life, an added source of stress like COVID-19 can feel overwhelming. With concerns about passing the virus to family and friends, protective equipment shortages, exposure to financial pressures and long hours — you need support now more than ever.

For many frontline professionals, the pandemic has taken a toll on their mental wellness. And if you are struggling, you are not alone.

We want you to know that NAMI is here to help.  NAMI has developed a suite of free digital resources to address these challenges which are accessible via NAMI Frontline Wellness. Resources include confidential and professional support, peer support, techniques to build resilience, support for family members, how to identify signs of a potential mental health emergency and suicide prevention information. NAMI Frontline Wellness and #FirstRespondersFirst are collaborating to make sure all resources are easily accessible across both platforms.

To learn more about NAMI Frontline Wellness, or to make a donation, please visit Frontline professionals who would like to share a personal story are encouraged to do by posting a video on their social channels and tagging @NAMICommunicate, #FirstRespondersFirst and #NotAlone.